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Talent attraction is one of the cornerstones of any company, and employer branding plays a prominent role in it, in order to create an attractive proposal that will meet the expectations of the candidate. However, it is also necessary to have a thorough knowledge of the market, the sector and the professional environment.

For this reason, our attraction solutions are focused on the external and internal knowledge of an organisation, implementing research and evaluation processes to contribute value propositions that permit your company to grow hand in hand with the best professionals.


Market intelligence

Who we want

  • Market intelligence and talent mapping studies.
  • Employment and salary motivations analysis.
  • Value propositions for the employee.

Assessment center

Who is our profile

  • Personalised evaluation processes, both for incorporating new candidates and for internal evaluation processes, promotion and/or internal mobility.


Ponemos a tu alcance las herramientas necesarias para que encuentres el profesional que estás buscando. Y siempre, poniendo el foco en el candidato; a través de consultores especializados en tu sector de actividad y una metodología propia de trabajo:


When starting a project, we define the aptitudes, knowledge and skills that the professional who joins your company must have.



We conduct competency-based interviews and the necessary specific tests after analysing the professional trajectory.



We plan an attraction strategy tailored to the project and define the necessary talent sources.


We request professional references and present the final candidates. We also offer you support in negotiation.


We identify the candidates who meet the profile and start the parameter-based interviews.


We support the candidate in their onboarding process and monitor their adaptation.

Recruitment Process Outsorcing (RPO)

The evolution towards Information and Communication Technology (ICT), along with the strong demand for talent and the demands of new generations has given rise to a high level of competitiveness among companies with a view to employing the most competent professionals.

How can we optimise talent attraction and selection processes? Through the RPO process, which permits the outsourcing of all or part of the process, with the aim of designing and executing a programme that permits the transformation of the talent acquisition function in your organisation. For this reason, we strive to find the formula that best adapts to your needs.



Mixed process. Some phases are managed externally and others are executed with the client’s in-house resources.



Project timeline delimited over time and with specific objectives.


End to end

Outsourcing from the process request to the onboarding phase.

Technological outsourcing

We embarked on this path 8 years ago and are now at the first stage of cooperating with top firms in the technological sector.

We specialise in IT and Engineering profiles because outsourcing services in the new technologies sector allows you to incorporate the professionals you need to ensure the success of your project. And that is our mission.

Speed in presenting the candidates

Innovation in Employee Experience Management processes

Legal framework guaranteed

Adaptation to the culture and values of the client